We offer a design service and tailored software development for you to get a program that does exactly what you want

We offer « specific development »: that is to say, we design and realize your customized software. The advantage of such an approach is that you get software that does exactly what you want

At our place you will have at your disposal a competent and dynamic team of competent computer specialists who will accompany you from the analysis of your needs to the realization  »tailored​ » of your IT project.

We are a team of passionate young computer scientists who like to push these limits by systematically learning about the latest techniques, which enables us to exploit robust and innovative technological solutions by adapting them to the specific functional perimeters of your projects.

Take advantage of our quality / price ratio which consists of offering quality services and products at lower cost and unbeatable!

Our expertise and know-how in mobile web development allows us to guarantee the success of your project by identifying and implementing solutions that are ideally suited to your objectives.

WebSite Creation

We realize websites for the general public such as visual presentation websites or web portals,  e-commerce, distance education for questionary and surveys or online surveys …

We create the graphic of your site according to your indications with your visual identity and the usual communication strategy or represent an entirely new evolution of a communication style specific to your project.

We make sure your site is fully responsive and adapts to any screen format on which it will be viewed

Software Computer Creation

We deliver reliable, high-performance applications that meet the strategic needs of your business while meeting deadlines.

We exploit innovative technological solutions by adapting features specific to your project. We support you in the design and development of your mobile software on Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Black Berry.

We provide you with operational support, corrective and preventive maintenance of your software.

We allow you to store your information wherever you want to keep your data accessible and available 24 hours a day anywhere in the world.

Dedicated server

The Dedicated Server is a physical server with dedicated resources with a non-modifiable configuration, given that a dedicated hardware will be used via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Available resources are not shared with other clients. The resources of the material are at your disposal in their entirety. Thus, the sensitive data on these servers are particularly well protected. Our Dedicated Server is ready to use and is charged per year. This type of server is very suitable when your applications require particularly high performance or when you need to increase your server infrastructure.

Cloud Server

The Cloud Server is a virtual server with resources dedicated to a scalable configuration at any time, accessible via a private and virtual network that offers high flexibility and other dedicated resources.

This type of storage is optimal for both simple and complex projects. If needed, you can adjust available resources at any time. These are billed to the minute. Various functions are at your disposal. For example, you can create images that you can use to restore the server or to create other cloud servers, or create private networks to segment your existing network into multiple logical networks.

Take advantage of our network security service to ensure the availability, confidentiality, and traceability of your information on your networks.

Online purchases and sales of products and services

Thanks to our purchasing / sales department we allow you to make your purchases and sales everywhere in Cameroon and even in other countries


Thanks to our online sales site yema.cm, we are sure to offer you a multitude of quality products at a reduced price. We also allow you to buy private services to solve your needs on our Jobbing jobflash.net site. We also allow you to buy products on other online sales sites such as alibaba.com, amazon.com … and have you delivered.


On our online sales site of quality products we offer you the possibility of selling your products everywhere in Cameroon as well as your services or practical know-how on our website linking providers and people with needs of people who can solve their problems. needs..

Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Call our infographic service for the creation of your logos, banners brochures, advertising spots, visit cards, graphic charts, advertising documents, roll up, photo and video editing … and design your unique and magnificent visual identity.

Formation Stratégique

We identify the issues people face in using digital and digital tools, then deliver strategic training sessions to address them. We have undertaken to organize these training workshops to help remove the barriers linked to the use of the internet and digital equipment in Africa. We therefore believe in allowing its users to fully benefit from the advantages of digital technology.