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Website Creation

We offer you a responsive website creation service
.We operate robust
and innovative technology solutions
by adapting them to the specific functional perimeters of your website projects.

Creation of desktop, web and android software

We put at your disposal
the expertise of our team
for the design
and development
of your desktop,web
and android software.

Download templates

Get free and paid site templates designed by
qualified developers
using innovative programming languages ​​and best practice to make it easy to adapt to your specific
web project.

Expertise and know-how

Our Expertise and know-how in mobile web development
allows us to guarantee the success of your project
by identifying and implementing
the solutions ideally suited to your objectives.

About Our Company

MocTinet is a company specialized in the design and development of software and websites

At a time when the world in general and Africa in particular is struck by a digital revolution provoked by the rise of digital techniques, and the advent of new technologies such as the appearance of smartphones. It would be of great necessity for any company, organization or individual to digitize its activities or services by having a site and / or an application to increase its visibility and increase the customers for the commercial enterprises and also facilitate the service customer base.

For this purpose we offer you a service for creating websites and software such as: personal website, showcase website, website and dynamic software, website and software magazine, website and software for schools and universities, website and software for associations, website and internet software for health organizations, intranet, website and internet software for fashion, website and civil engineering software, website and internet software for small and medium-sized businesses and large companies, website and internet software for restaurants and hotels.

MocTinet is also a center for research, creation and innovation in IT development.

  • Reliable
  • Effective
  • Dynamic
  • Powerful
  • Innovative
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